Did you know the vast majority of high street/designer perfumes only contain 6-9% Fragrance oils ??
💥 … That’s SHOCKING … 💥
The oils are not expensive to buy in the first place so why are we paying the price we pay for perfumes if they hold very little amounts.?
FMs perfumes contain 20/30% fragrance oils, What a difference right ??
Federico Mahora (FM) doesn’t advertise or use fancy bottles but FM source from the same manufacturers as all the well known & very pricey designers…
💥 … Simply Mind Blowing isn’t it … 💥
FM are offering higher quality Fragrances, for a lot less ££ because we DONT pay all the advertising and celebrity endorsements & the bottles are just bottles. There only binned when finished!!
We do NOT do copies, replicas, dupes, sames…we are an exquisite range that create perfumes from familiar and similar fragrance families to those of the designers. Not ONE of our perfumes/aftershaves contain the EXACT same notes, but what you will get is a shock at how incredible they are !!